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Dysart Eco Green

Eco Green is a concept that has been gaining traction all around the world in recent years, and understandably so, considering the global effects of climate change. With a focus on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, more and more businesses are taking steps to contribute to a greener planet. Dysart, a small town in Queensland, Australia, is no exception to this trend. Here are some of the businesses in Dysart that are making a difference:

1. Dysart State High School
As an educational institution, Dysart State High School sees the importance of teaching and spreading awareness about sustainability. The school has implemented various initiatives such as recycling, composting, and energy conservation. They have also created a permaculture garden where students can learn about sustainable gardening and food production. The benefits of these initiatives are two-fold: not only do they contribute to a greener environment, but they also provide a learning opportunity for students to develop valuable life skills.

Contact details:
Dysart State High School
Address: Queen Elizabeth Drive, Dysart QLD 4745
Phone: (07) 4958 3111

2. Caltex Dysart
As a fuel station, Caltex Dysart has a unique opportunity to make a difference in reducing emissions. The station offers a variety of alternative fuels such as E10 (a blend of petrol and ethanol), diesel, and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas). These fuels produce fewer emissions than regular petrol, helping to combat air pollution. Additionally, Caltex Dysart employs practices such as recycling and proper waste disposal to minimize their impact on the environment.

Contact details:
Caltex Dysart
Address: 1 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Dysart QLD 4745
Phone: (07) 4958 1444

3. Dysart IGA
The local IGA supermarket in Dysart has taken steps to reduce plastic waste. They offer reusable shopping bags made of eco-friendly materials such as jute and non-woven polypropylene. Dysart IGA also provides recycling facilities for customers to dispose of soft plastics and batteries. By reducing plastic waste, the supermarket is contributing to a cleaner environment and setting an example for other businesses to follow.

Contact details:
Dysart IGA
Address: 21 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Dysart QLD 4745
Phone: (07) 4958 1599

4. Distinctions Dysart Hotel
The Distinctions Dysart Hotel is committed to sustainability through its energy and water conservation efforts. The hotel uses energy-efficient lighting and appliances, as well as rainwater harvesting for irrigation. They also have a waste management system in place to reduce their environmental impact. As a hospitality business, the Distinctions Dysart Hotel is setting the standard for environmentally conscious practices in the industry.

Contact details:
Distinctions Dysart Hotel
Address: 2 Morris Street, Dysart QLD 4745
Phone: (07) 5409 8100

5. BOC Dysart
BOC Dysart is a supplier of compressed gases and associated products and services. They have implemented environmental initiatives such as energy-efficient lighting and the use of biodiesel in their delivery vehicles. Additionally, BOC Dysart has an extensive recycling program in place to minimize waste and promote sustainability. By reducing their carbon footprint, BOC Dysart is leading the way in responsible business practices.

Contact details:
BOC Dysart
Address: 2 Gemini Street, Dysart QLD 4745
Phone: (07) 4958 0600

these businesses in Dysart are exemplifying the Eco Green concept and setting a positive example for other businesses to follow. Through a range of environmentally conscious practices, they are reducing their impact on the environment, conserving resources and energy, and promoting sustainability. Their efforts not only benefit the planet but also contribute to a healthier, more vibrant community.

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